Frequently Asked Questions

Our website based on PTC system (Paid To Click) but with new features and methods.
We are middlemen between advertisers and consumers.
Advertiser pays for displaying ads on and have real users watch their ads.
A part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.
Register and valid email, then login.
Go to EARN section => PTC, click on ads (you can also click SURF button to auto watch ads).
Wait loading %, answer the question by cliking the good picture and then click SEND button.
Referrals are users like you. They earn money for you when they view advertisements.
There are two types of referrals: Direct and Rented.

Rented : you can Rent Referrals in this page (click "Rent new")
Direct : Direct Referrals are users who register with your recommendation...
            You can find your refferal link in this page.
You can earn money in many ways :
- clicking PTC Ads (all ads reset after 24h) ,
- making tasks (Offerwall),
- participate Contests, Jackpots
- playing Jackpot and games (very soon),
- look videos (soon)... 
Cashout will effective in 24H-48H (depend on Bitcoin Network).
If not, please contact support.
Minimum and maximum payout depend on your membership (top of main page : UPGRADE button).
You don't have to deposit money to withdraw ! 
AutoPay is one way to extend your referrals automatically.
If you've AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep him for an extra day.
If the referral does not click, you won't pay him for another day.
Please keep in mind that while you may have AutoPay activated, it's only triggered for referrals that have 20 or more days left until the next payment.
Points can be convert to money in Ad Balance.
You earn Points in Offerwalls, Contest and soon others features...
You can convert Point here (go to Point tab) when you reach the minimum required.
You have to click each day at least 4 ads to earn money comission from your referrals.
(If 1 day you don't click at least 4 ads, the next day you don't earn referrals comission).

If you have not click during 30 days, your account will be suspended.
Because Bitcoin go up and down.
If you want we pay users...advertisers have to buy advertising space.
For live long long time we have to ajust price depend on bitcoin value.
Don't forget, we work for users and advertisers.
- Multi-account (only 1 IP by family allowed)
- Bot/script to click ads (we assure advertiser for real clicks)
- Proxy / VPN
- Cheating / Use bugs
- For advertisers please check Term Of Service for list of prohibit ads.
At this time, you can only use Bitcoin to deposit/withdraw.
- To deposit you can use automatic payments processors if you have Coinpayment or Localbitcoins accounts.
- You can also use manual deposit (click "Deposit") with our BTC, ETH, XMR or RIPPLE adress.
- If you have Payza or Payeer account, you can use your country currency to deposit (click "Deposit").
(Please check this tutorials videos : Payza (start at 4:30) - Payeer)

For withdraw, save your bitcoin adress here (click "Payment").
To protected you, when bitcoin adress change, you have to wait 3 days to withdraw.